Providing a wide array services to private and public entities including, but not limited to, business analysis and strategic advisory in restructuring matters, developing and implementing commercial initiatives, risk assessment, SWOT analysis, compliance and executing corrective or preventive action plans.

We will assist clients throughout the engagement, providing project management tools (e.g. project charter, timeliness and relevant KPIs) that minimize disruption to the customer’s operation, with operational matters, commercial initiatives, communications and situations that may arise in the ordinary course of business.

Ad Astra will build a custom working group of senior and junior members to fit the customer’s needs and goals.

federal Grant

Ad Astra provides technical support to ensure that our clients, that manage federal awards, are compliant with uniform requirements as well as grant specific requirements (post-award).

Additionally, Ad Astra may assist entities that seek federal funding for their activities (pre-award).


(Public Restructuring and
Reform Implementation)

Ad Astra provides technical advisory in matters related to PROMESA, Fiscal Plan implementation (i.e. Fiscal and Structrural Reforms).

Our team can provide critical support in the processes that take place between the public entity and the Financial Oversight and Management Board (“FOMB”).  Our senior team has vast experience developing fiscal plans and implementing reforms set forth in said document.

financial restructuring and turnaround

Ad Astra has vast experience performing financial restructuring for public and private entities. In the private sector, Ad Astra has assisted customers in restructuring over distressed debt by negotiating mutually acceptable terms and avoiding costly litigation (over $500 million in public debt and $100 million in private debt). Additionally, Ad Astra’s senior members can assist entities that seek access to additional capital or reduce debt service; designing viable alternatives with commercial and private lenders.

management advisory

Ad Astra can support business managers by designing business initiatives and creating the necessary implementation tools to guide the client through the entire project lifecycle.

Ad Astra would perform the groundwork needed to successfully execute their business idea (e.g. new product lines, compensation plans and operational restructuring).